Line-up open air stage at the baseballfield

In the evenings the following bands will play at the open air stage: SA 18.5.2013: 19:30 The Forum Walters Right after the opening game these local heroes who are not afraid of the international stage will kick the weekend off with their catchy punk anthems played acoustic. 21:00 Larry And His Flask This crazy band form Oregon will definitely get the ballpark moving with their blurry blend of lightning fast string-band picking, gorgeous nods to old-school country, and sublime multi-part harmonies, all presented through a prism of punk chaos. It\'s their only gig in Austria on their 2nd European tour! 22:30 Wham Bam Bodyslam Prepare to sing, dance and drink with this Austrian Folk institution as they will celebrate their 5th year of existence at Finkstonball! SU 19.5.2013: 20:00 Tobias Paul Young local Folk/Blues singer, will one day be a legend, so catch him while he\'s still unknown... 21:00 The Burning Aces This Rockabilly trio from the world famous Hallstatt will once again get the ballpark shaking!