Day report: Saturday

The first day of the fourteenth edition of the Finkstonball baseball tournament is almost over. The beautiful ladies of the dancing group Enjoy did another great show (with Irish and Austrian support) during the opening ceremony. Right now the first Russian team to ever play at this tournament is battling the Attnang-Puchheim Athletics for who advances into the semi-finals. So far we saw many great games and from the results you can get a pretty good picture who will be competing for the Finkstonball trophy. On field one we had the Swiss Nationalteam battling not only the Hellevoet Athletics in extra innings, they also had to fight the rain. The game ended in a very exciting win for Switzerland, who won it in the second extra inning. At the same time on field two baseball fans saw a great comeback of our newcomers from Belfast, who won it in the last minute against the Finkstonball veterans Sissach Frogs. In this group the Bad Homburg Hornets already secured their place in the semi-finals with two wins against the Belfast North Stars and the Sissach Frogs. The Hornets will play the winner of group A. Keep on checking our website for more updates on the tournament.